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The mission of Centennial Medical Group and Catholic Health Initiatives is to nurture the healing ministry of the Church by bringing it new life and viability in the 21st century. Fidelity to Gospel urges us to emphasize human dignity and social justice as we move toward the creation of healthier communities.

In light of our mission, Centennial Medical Group offers financial assistance to help with medically necessary treatment and procedures, whether it is by absorbing part of the cost based on need, or helping to identify community or governmental programs to meet your needs. This program does not cover cosmetic surgical packages. Financial assistance is specific to each patient. Guidelines are used to determine eligibility based on family income.

In some instances patients may be presumed to be eligible for financial assistance based on the completion of a short questionnaire. New admissions or re-admissions will be screened for changes in eligibility for financial assistance. Centennial Medical Group’s decision to provide financial assistance in no way affects the responsible party’s financial obligations to physician or other health care providers.

Centennial Medical Group’s financial assistance is secondary to all other financial resources available to patients. Centennial Medical Group’s Charity Coordinator is here to help and is available to explain paperwork and answer your questions. If you feel this financial obligation may be a hardship for you and you wish to apply for financial assistance, please print this application and complete, or call our Charity Coordinator: 541-677-2163.

Please click here for CMG’s financial application.

What Is Covered

Centennial Medical Group’s financial assistance is available to cover services provided by Centennial Medical Group Providers.

Centennial Medical Group cannot meet the needs of all patients who are unable to cover their medical bills. For this reason, patients without insurance coverage must take advantage of programs for assistance for which they qualify. This helps ensure that Centennial Medical Group’s limited resources will be available to patients who don’t qualify for other financial help

Financial Assistance for Those Unable to Pay the Full Cost of Care

Centennial Medical Group is a part of Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), a nonprofit health organization with a longstanding commitment to assist those who seek our care, regardless of ability to pay.

If you are unable to pay for all or part of the care you receive from any Centennial Medical Group provider, you may be eligible for free or discounted services.

Please Note: Any patient seeking emergency care will be treated without regard to ability to pay.

  • Your ability to pay for the services. We look at income, family size, and available resources and expected future income (minus living expenses).

Read, Download and Print our Charity Policy – Click Here

How to apply for financial assistance

You can get an application at any Centennial Medical Group provider office, Mercy Medical Centers main Admission’s office, Centennial Medical Group’s Administrative office and request by phone.

You will need to complete the Financial Assistance Application form, provide all information it requests, and submit it to us immediately.

If it is determined you are eligible for assistance, we will notify you and let you know how much assistance is available. If it is determined you are not eligible for assistance, we will let you know that in writing and give a brief explanation of the reason.

It’s important to note that if you do not have insurance, you will not be charged more for services than the amount generally billed to those who have insurance.

Discounts for Patients Who Don’t Qualify for Financial Assistance

Self-pay discounts will be offered only to (a) patients whose accounts are 100% self pay and who meet the definition of uninsured patients with the ability to pay, or (b) patients who have 100% non-covered services and, in either case, fail to meet charitable financial assistance guidelines defined by CMG or who CMG has documentation indicating that the patient has clearly stated the he/she does not want to be considered for charity. Third-party discounts for accounts in which there is no contract between the insurer and Mercy are permitted only under certain circumstances.

Payment Plan Options

For information on payment plan options please contact 541-464-4059

Click here to read and print the Financial Assistance Policy